Our Company

Our Mission

Our mission as the “Self-Healing Company” is to design, manufacture, and market performance-enhancing technologies on a global scale to a broad range of markets. We aspire to bring chemistries to market that are so innovative, they extend asset lifetimes in unprecedented ways and help lower the cost of ownership.

Environmental Stewardship

Our products are designed and manufactured with low environmental impact in mind. By extending the useful life of the assets, our products lower the VOC emission and waste produced over their maintenance lifetime.

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Our History

Dr. Scott White, Dr. Nancy Sottos, Dr. Jeff Moore, and Dr. Paul Braun founded Autonomic Materials, Inc., in 2005. Dr. White (Professor of Aerospace Engineering), Dr. Sottos (Professor of Materials Science), Dr. Moore (Professor of Chemistry), and Dr. Braun (Professor of Materials Science) are all members of the Autonomous Materials Systems group at the world-renowned Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. AMI’s commercial activities began in late 2007 with the establishment of laboratory and administrative facilities in a business incubator facility located in Champaign, Illinois. In 2012, all operations were moved to an independent, stand-alone facility to support our growing staff and commercialization of our product. AMI introduced its first commercial product in 2016.