How It Works

Performance Inspired by Nature

In nature, damage elicits an automatic healing response in an organism. At AMI, we apply this concept to synthetic material design. The result is a new class of SMART materials—self-healing polymeric systems that are capable of autonomically repairing themselves after damage.

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Smart Damage Repair

AMI’s self-healing technology seals damage to coatings, adhesives, and composites as soon as it occurs, extending lifetime and performance. Our systems offer maximum protection by responding to damage without the need for manual intervention.

Microcrack Sealing

When damage occurs that results in microcracks, many capsules rupture simultaneously, allowing the reactive self-healing agent to fill in gaps and restore the integrity of the polymeric material.

Self-Healing Additive Technology

Our microencapsules deliver healing agents to the site of coating damage in response to common physical, mechanical, thermal and related everyday environmental stresses.

Prevents Delamination at the Site of Damage

When the damage to the substrate is bad enough that the self-healing agent cannot completely repair it, the agent will still reseal the edges of the damage zone, preventing loss of adhesion and subsequent delamination.