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With AMI’s coating products, you no longer have to accept a tradeoff between high-performance protection of critical assets and responsibility to the environment.

AMP-UP 100

Introducing AMP-UP™ 100 – Responsible, Versatile, Easy.

AMP-UP™ 100 is a single component self-healing waterborne epoxy primer designed specifically for the protection of structural steel and aluminum surfaces that are prone to damage and exposed to corrosive environments. AMP-UP™ 100 our award-winning patented self-healing technology to maintain adhesion and superior corrosion resistance after damage.

Features and Benefits

  • Award-winning self-healing technology
  • A volatile organic compound (VOC) content of less than 50 g/L
  • The convenient one-component epoxy hybrid coating eliminates the need for mixing multiple components in the field, saving time and eliminating costly errors
  • Long pot-life, which is particularly helpful for coating structures with complicated shapes
  • Low VOC and low odor makes the product safer for applicators
  • Fast-drying allowing the application of additional coats in a short time which saves time on jobs
  • Maintains adhesion after damage
  • Superior corrosion resistance


AMP-UP™ 100 can be used for new steel construction, high traffic areas, agricultural, construction, and earth moving equipment, metal buildings, building envelope exposed metal components, mining equipment, tanks, water towers, shop priming, and more.

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AMP-UP 100

AMP-UP 100 can be used with a selection of high-performance topcoats including our AMP-UP™ PROSHIELD, AMP-UP™ URETHANE, and AMP-UP™ ACRYLIC for a suite of low VOC, high-performance corrosion protection, gloss, and color retention properties. Learn more information about these topcoats.

AMP-UP 100​


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