Where it Works

Our products add unparalleled smart self-healing functionality to coatings, adhesives and composites in a wide range of end-use applications, including alternative energy, industrial maintenance and machinery, military equipment, infrastructure, oil and gas machinery, transportation, and even consumer paints. 

Engineered to Protect your Assets

Repair is autonomically initiated whenever damage occurs over the course of the entire asset life cycle:

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General Application Guidelines

AmpArmor™ microcapsules are not recommended as an addition to fully formulated coatings. Some degree of reformulation is typically required.

  • Adjustment of pigment volume concentration
  • Adjustment of pigment size distribution
  • Adjustment of resin chemistry to achieve desired Tg
  • Proper selection of dispersing aids

Our self-healing microcapsules are stable under typical storage conditions. However, caution must be exercised when incorporating capsules into coating formulations as excess shear and/or grinding may cause capsules to rupture.

  • For liquid coatings, adding microcapsules is recommended during the letdown stage.
  • For powder coatings, capsules should be added as a dry blend after extrudate grinding.