World-Recognized Technologies

Autonomic Materials offers innovative self-healing technologies that extend coating lifetimes, minimizing upkeep and repair. Advancements in self-healing technologies are charting new territory for the coatings industry, and media outlets from Wired to the MIT Technology Review are taking notice.


Dr. Scott White, professor of aerospace engineering at the University of Illinois, founded Autonomic Materials in 2005. Dr. White is also the leader of the Autonomous Materials Systems group at University of Illinois’ world-renowned Beckman Institute. This multidisciplinary research team has been developing breakthrough technologies in the area of self-healing materials for a decade. It is the AMS group’s innovative technology platform that Autonomic Materials is currently bringing to the global coatings market to enable the production of SMART coatings — an important new trend. AMI’s commercial activities began in late 2007 with the establishment of laboratory and administrative facilities in the EnterpriseWorks business incubator facility at the research park located in Champaign, Ill.

Autonomic Materials is a privately held, early stage company.

Market Focus

Autonomic Materials holds the exclusive license to an extensive suite of intellectual property generated by the AMS group within the University of Illinois. We are presently working in partnership with coatings producers and major coatings consumers to make self-healing coatings a practical reality by addressing the large market need for improved resistance to corrosion. AMI’s technology will afford better protection to high-value installations/products, which are exposed to challenging environmental conditions. Our systems are engineered to lengthen coating lifetimes, thereby reducing the costs (principally labor) and disruption associated with the recoating of surfaces.


AMI’s technology is best thought of as a platform: one that can and will be extended beyond the current coatings market focus. Over time, AMI will expand marketing activities to other significant markets where the self-healing concept offers value. These include at a minimum: adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and structural composites.

AMI’s vision is to become “The Self-Healing Company” by marketing current and future technologies to a broad range of markets on a global scale. Further, we aspire to bringing innovation to our markets not just in the form of our self-healing chemistries, but also in every other area of our business.