Innovative and Innovating

AMI’s technology platform is highly adaptable, which means our products can be customized for individual markets and unique customer applications. We understand that as markets continue to evolve, our customers will modify old practices and pursue new opportunities. In order to support our emerging customer base, as well as capture opportunities as they present themselves, AMI intends to remain in a position to offer a pipeline of new technologies to its vibrant market.

Our response to this challenge is an innovation strategy grounded in our ongoing partnership with the Autonomous Materials Systems (AMS) group at the University of Illinois' Beckman Institute. The AMS group is the preeminent center for self-healing materials research, and our unique relationship with the AMS group will strongly underpin AMI’s effort to maintain our market and technology leadership in an efficient and cost-effective way.

The AMS group utilizes a multidisciplinary approach to self-healing materials research and members of the group — professors Scott White, Nancy Sottos, Jeffrey Moore, and Paul Braun — are recognized as leaders in their respective disciplines. Supported by an extensive network at the University of Illinois, the AMS group is ideally suited to deliver breakthrough technologies for Autonomic Materials to capitalize on — now and into the future.